Luke Skywalker in _Fate Accelerated_

Luke Skywalker from Star Wars

Using Luke as an example to illustrate character advancement in Fate Accelerated.

Let's assume that the group has roughed in the setting --- evil Empire, old Republic, Jedi Knights --- and Luke player has come up with the idea that he's a potential Jedi. Luke starts off something like this, leaving two aspects and one stunt to be decided upon in play:

1st session --- Star Wars

Over the course of the first session, Luke's player fills in his missing aspects and stunts:

The first session covers everyone meeting, a few quick combat scenes to get everyone used to the mechanics, and getting off Tatooine. That's a minor milestone. Luke's player realizes he isn't going to get any more use out of that landspeeder stunt, and swaps it for something more useful in space combat:

2nd session

The second session covers rescuing Leia from the Death Star. Luke uses his "Don't Look Dangerous" stunt when sneaking around --- he avoids talking to higher-ups when disguised as a stormtrooper. The end of the session brings a minor milestone, and Luke's player decides he wants to avoid getting shot at more than avoiding getting noticed, so he changes "Don't Look Dangerous" for:

3rd session

That new stunt comes in handy for dodging TIE-fighter blasts during the third session, which features the assault on the Death Star. That ends the first movie, a significant milestone.

Luke's player bumps Luke's forceful bonus to +3. He also changes "Grew up on a farm, eager to see the galaxy" to "Eager to master the Force". (He keeps "Old Ben won't steer me wrong" around for Ben's force ghost.)

4th session --- The Empire Strikes Back

Luke now looks like this:

The GM takes Luke's new aspect as a hint to invent a new teacher character, so the first session has Luke training with Yoda. At the end of that session (minor milestone), Luke's learned a bit of caution, so he swaps the bonuses for flashy and careful:

5th session

Luke's training continues. The session ends with him leaving for Bespin. Minor milestone, so he swaps out "Used to Bull's-Eye Womp Rats in My T-16" to take a stunt for Force telekinesis:

6th session

The fight with Vader on Bespin. Luke takes a severe consequence ("Hand cut off"), but negotiates a concession out of the GM that keeps Vader from capturing him. The PCs escape (except for Solo), and that's the end of the movie, and another significant milestone.

Luke's player bumps careful up one, to +2. And he changes another aspect, dropping the one about Ben in favor of "Darth Vader is my father". And the GM allows him to change his "Hand cut off" consequence for "Bionic hand". It's still hanging around as a consequence, though, because he hasn't had it for two sessions.

7th session --- Return of the Jedi

Here's Luke at the opening of Jedi. He doesn't have stunts to represent the Jedi Mind Trick; he can just do that, based on his aspects. You'll notice that the Jedi Mind Trick doesn't work on Jabba the Hutt; maybe it would have if Luke's player had bought a stunt for it!

Rescuing Han Solo from Jabba is the seventh session; that's another minor milestone. Luke changes "Eager to master the Force" to "I am worthy of the title of Jedi", but he can't change his High Concept yet. (Also, that thing about worthiness seems nicely compellable, don't you think?)

8th session

The eighth session is meeting up with the Ewoks. Everyone hates this session. Still, finishing it is a minor milestone. Luke's player is already planning to take the fight to Vader, so he spends a point of refresh on a new stunt:

9th session

Luke's given himself +2 bonuses on three of the four actions taken with the forceful approach. Pretty handy, but it won't help him against Palpatine's force lightning! He also needs to accept a compel early on to compensate for his lowered refresh.

The end of Jedi is a major milestone. Luke changes his Trouble and one of his other aspects, clears his severe consequence, raises his forceful to +4, gets a point of refresh, and changes his High Concept, becoming a real Jedi at last: